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About me and Soulmates Art Studio



I'm Barbara Kessel, a clay artist based in the Bay Area, California. From an early age, I've been captivated by drawing. It was my gateway to countless hidden, imaginary worlds full of magic and adventure. 


The birth of my daughter introduced me to a new facet of visual art: clay sculpting. I delighted in molding fruits, vegetables, animals, and cartoon characters to surprise her. The idea that I could shape anything — a tomato, a dragon, a fairy, a human, or a unique creature that never existed neither real nor imaginary reality was stunning. It wasn't long before this hobby evolved into my new profession.

Another significant aspect of my work and life is my studio - The Soulmates Art Studio. Here, during our clay workshops and courses, we learn how to sculpt unique pieces of art with no previous experience required, but with a strong desire to bring beauty into this world. The studio is more than just a place for classes; it's a community. It's a space where people find each other, create new boundaries, and discover a lot about their hidden potential. Witnessing how surprised and excited my students are with the results they achieve, and seeing their doubts and perceptions transform into a strong belief in their talents, is the most precious part of the whole process.

I hope you find something special in this little shop, and I would be thrilled to welcome you to my studio to share a magical experience of creation.


With love,

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