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Your Special Day

Celebrate Your Special Moments at The Soulmates Art Studio

Welcome to The Soulmates Art Studio, where we do more than just teach art—we have fun and make days special! Discover the joy of creating something beautiful in a space where creativity meets celebration.

A Unique Birthday Experience

Celebrate your special day with us and enjoy a truly unique experience. Our 3-hour birthday party sessions offer more than just crafting. Here, guests can sculpt and hand-paint unique clay sculptures, infusing them with vibrant life and color. We decorate our space in a birthday theme, and you are also welcome to bring your own decorations. We provide space for serving food and a projector to display photos or videos of the birthday person. Enjoy a warm, cozy atmosphere filled with lively conversations as you craft.

IMG_12481000 copy.jpg
IMG_12271000 copy.jpg

Savor the Moment

Take a break during the workshop to enjoy some homemade pastries, fresh fruits, and your choice of sparkling prosecco, coffee, or tea—all provided by the studio. You are also welcome to bring your own appetizers and a birthday cake. Savor these treats either in our inviting studio or the beautiful backyard. It's your time to relax, create, and celebrate.

Memories to Take Home

Each guest will leave with not only their handcrafted art piece but also lasting memories of a truly special celebration. Every time they look at their artwork, it will bring back the joy and inspiration of that day. Hosting your birthday party at The Soulmates Art Studio is an excellent way to make your celebration unforgettable.



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We've got everything you need to make your day special—just choose your favorite!


Number of Participants: 10

Duration: 3 hours

"Mushroom" Ornament

IMG_2302 2.jpg

"Coffee Bear" Magnet

Number of Participants: 10

Duration: 3 hours

whale magnet 1.jpg

Number of Participants: 10

Duration: 3 hours

"Sea Creatures" Magnets

* Have question or not sure which option works best for you? 

Feel free to reach out to to chat aboit it!

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