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Meet the Magic Whale, a special figurine featuring a beautifully crafted whale with a tiny town on its back. It's not just a decoration; it's a story of sea life and imagination coming together. The whale, a symbol of wisdom and depth, carries the weight of a bustling, tiny civilization, representing resilience and the nurturing nature of our planet. Standing on a sturdy base, this whale can grace your desk or shelf or it can be hung as an ornament. It makes a unique gift for your loved ones.

Magic Whale

SKU: 0070

    • Polymer clay

    • Natural Preservedmoss, wood



    • Keep away from moisture

    • Remove when sleeping

    • Remove when active

    • Avoid dropping or bending earrings

    • Keep away from young children and pets


    Because items are handmade there may be variations in color or pattern that differ from the pictures shown. I do my best to ensure that the colors and design are as cohesive as possible. 

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