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"Whale and Albatross" Decorations

Sculpt and hand-paint your Whale and Albatross decorations

About the course

Come to the studio for a creative workshop where you'll sculpt and hand-paint your own Whale and Albatross magnets. This fun and engaging session is perfect for anyone looking to dive into the art of clay modeling and decorative painting. No experience is needed — come, create, and capture a piece of the ocean's majesty to take home with you! The magnet base can be replaced with sticker pads, which are suitable for any surface. During the workshop, we'll enjoy a break with homemade pastries and fruits. Date and Time: May 23, 4:00 PM; May 29, 4:00 PM; June 1 PM Location: 954 Sunlite Dr, Santa Clara, CA Number of Participants: Limited to 8 Duration: 2 hours Price: $40

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