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Art Classes in Soulmates Studio by Bo Kessel

Dreaming of crafting your very own art piece, but unsure of your artistic talents?  We've got fantastic news: you ARE talented!  Join Soultmatrs Art Studio where we can easily prove it!


We invite you to immerse yourself in clay workshops for both adults and kids. Specializing in clay sculpting, We guide you from the initial sketch to the final piece, which you can take home after the lesson. With a cozy group size (limited to 6 participants), you'll enjoy a 2-3 hour session where you'll sculpt and paint a one-of-a-kind art piece. No previous experience is needed.

If you love your first experience, you can try one of the courses ( 4-5 sessions) where we create art at an advanced level. 

The Soulmates Art Studio is more than just a space for classes; it's a community. It is a place where people find each other, push new boundaries, and discover a lot about their hidden potential for creating beautiful and unique pieces. Check the upcoming classes below.


About Bo Kessel

Hi! I'm Barbara (Bo) Kessel, a clay artist based in the Bay Area, California. From an early age, I've been captivated by drawing.  The birth of my daughter introduced me to a new facet of visual art: clay sculpting. I delighted in molding fruits, vegetables, animals, and cartoon characters to surprise her. The idea that I could shape anything — a tomato, a more

Upcoming Classes

* Have question or not sure which option works best for you? 

Feel free to reach out to to chat aboit it!

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